accessing virtualmin from another network

Okay so I want other people to be able to connect to virtualmin, I allocated ports 80, 443, and 10000 to the static IP I assigned my CentOS server I installed virtualmin on, if I connect to it via it’s home network ip ( it works fine, but when I try to connect using my public ipv4 address it doesn’t work like myiphere:10000/ it gives me an error “This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL instead.” so how do I turn of SSL mode?

hi nottristan,

you should be able to connect - if you are all (server and you on same network) you should be able to connect without the problem, however you may need to tell your hosts that you serving the server on some ip… that could be done via nano /etc/hosts - and / or nano /etc/hostname on server or on your machine. Then it should work without issues be it between servers or you and many machines.

regards ssl - perhaps you tell your script to accept self signed thingy or just do not accept anything and be sort of insecure on your internal network (assumed internal network is secured already). are you would like to turn ssl mode for virtualmin off or website generally? - is that what you was looking for?