Accessing a VS from internet and intranet (local) using a domain name

OS type and version Debian Linux 11
Virtualmin version 1.860

I have a VS running for a site and I can access from the outside.
I can also access it internally using the “Preview” (Services, Preview Website).
However the url is pretty complicate.

How can I set a “local” access using a domain ?
Something like “kids.sweethome” ? (I understand it should be a non existing TDL or domain)

Thanks for sharing lights. :pray:

Many options:

  1. make that the default virtual server in Virtualmin and then access it via the LAN IP address

  2. create an alias kids.aweethome in Virtualmin and then edit your hosts file of your workstation to point that domain to the LAN IP address

There could be other ways to do the same thing e.g. via the router.

Hey thank you Calport (glad to see you and happy new year :clinking_glasses:).

I had hopes there were a “one click” button somewhere in Virtualmin I missed as the “workstation” is 1 android and 1 Iphone.

Not exactly the kind of things/files you like to edit. :wink:

Hello @bsfez (happy new year to you too!).

Access via mobile devices could be facilitated by configuring your router to treat kids.sweethome as a valid domain and pointing it to the IP of your Virtualmin’ server. You would need to use the control panel of your router and add such domain manually every time you need to use one. The manual bit is not ideal.

In order to automate this to a greater extent, why don’t you use a real a domain and subdomains under it to stage the website as kids.yourdomain.tld while it is under development and then use the client’s domain when the website is ready to go live?