Access virtual server without domain name

I know that I have seen the answer to this somewhere before, but I can’t seem to find it now. How do I access a website on a virtualserver (i.e. before the domain is setup to point to the virtual server?

I know that in cPanel, you can access using http://xx.xx.xx.xx/~example/. Is there something similar to this with virtualmin? I have tried using the ip address convention above, and recieved an error that the directory was not available.

By default, it is only accessible when logged into Virtualmin (click on “View website via Webmin”). If you’d like it to also be publicly available you can enable domain.hostingdomain.tld style alias creation. The ~domain style of redirection is just a single directive in httpd.conf, but it breaks suexec and so is not recommended.

To enable creation of public aliases, edit the Server Template(s) you use, and in the "Virtual server creation" section, set the options labeled:

"Automatically create alias domain" to "Create under" and fill in your primary domain (whatever you want these domains to appear under).

And, optionally, set:

"Suffix for alias domain"

Save it. Newly created domains will have this new alias. You’ll have to manually add aliases to the primary domain for each of your existing addresses. Generally, we think it’s wise to not provide public access to “in progress” sites.

Thanks for the info.