Access to files from ip address

I want to create an account and access to files using ip address only, something like ip-address/~username.
is it possible to access files remotely without a domain?

**OS type and version:Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5
**Webmin version:1.974
**Virtualmin version:6.16
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

Yes, web content of the virtual server that you specify as the default will be accessible via the IP address of the machine, regardless of which domain name you assign to it and even if the domain is fictitious - e.g xyz.tld

you can create a “fake” fictitious ( be sure non existed) virtualservername if needed in virtualmin

so fak6sg.qjkkkk

then if client is windows for example point and use that fake to ip in the hosts file

I should do it that way if you don’t want domain is much safer than on ip also

Some routers blocks even direct ip acces , there you have to change that if only on ip access needed. or allow that ip in the list there

so ip then fakedomain and therefore created virtualserver = fak6sg.qjkkkk

then in hosts file: fak6sg.qjkkkk

acces then over from that client fak6sg.qjkkkk and you can have / create own ssl cert on that fake domain so more safe https… and lot of other security things are much more easy then

in fact we use this in dev with sub.servers subdomains non existing subdomains if only smaller short times projects (tests different version live…) no wait for dns resolving needed and …

If using hosts file redirection domain on clients and that as virtualserver then also possible non fake existing domains as haha. :wink: if you don’t use kind of slave dns or dns external scripts/ api’s in the box ofcourse

Yes and no.

Virtualmin needs a registered domain to function properly. If you just want an ip only file server, you don’t need to use Virtualmin for that. You could and just use the default server, but what would be the point?

Its a shared IP address with many virtual servers assigned to that server.
i think it only let access to one of them, anyway how can i change default virtual server?

I had surmised it was a shared IP address and that’s okay. You can specify the default virtual server via Virtualmin → Server Configuration → Website Options

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