Access my site or my space without domain name

hello friends please I have a space that I want to read without a domain name for example share the address of my site without a domain name on another system I found

This is a local address someone from the outside only has access to when they VPN into it.

If you want someone accessing your internet-facing site, just pass its IP to them and voilà, there you have what you want.

By the way, this ain’t a question for this forum at all.

hi my brother I know it’s a local ip but it’s only an example

You can, but you shouldn’t. First up, you can’t have TLS on an IP (at least not with Let’s Encrypt certificates or maybe any other common TLS cert issuer). Second, you can’t easily run applications as the owner of the domain, which is a big security risk.

You should not do this on a server with untrusted users (and since you seem to have a bunch of spammers on your system, you definitely have untrusted users), but if you insist:

But, I think you’re asking the wrong question. What are you actually trying to accomplish? Why would you need users to be able to do this?

Probably another thought on how to mask the underlying problem the OP has. He needs to reinstall a clean os and start from scratch

thank you very much for your message but really I don’t know what address I’m going to type please I’m not looking for a complicated subject what I don’t need is the link provided by exmepel my ip address is and my account is alaa on
the link I have to type will be what exactly thank you

A safer way to achieve something similar (if you’re doing this to have site preview before a DNS zone is setup) is to have a domain on the system in which you automatically create an alias in each new domain. e.g. I might have a domain, and then on every other virtual server I’d have an alias of automatically generated, along with the necessary DNS A record or CNAME.

You could also use a wildcard (*) in the BIND configuration so any name within the “main” domain will automatically resolve to the same IP, even if you haven’t explicitly created the name. That simplifies the problem to just needing the alias created in each new domain, everything else will Just Work. (Wildcard DNS with BIND - Server Fault)

To do what I recommend instead, edit your Server Templates to add a ServerAlias in whatever domain you want to use:

And, create the wildcard within the DNS zone for that domain as explained in the page I linked above. If Virtualmin is managing the DNS for all your zones, you could add the name explicitly in the Server Templates for DNS, but I seem to recall you aren’t hosting your DNS locally (which is fine, a wildcard works fine for this).

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