Access a website / virtual host via IP address for clean restore on new system

Operating system: C7
OS version:

Guys, I understand without a Hostname you can access the CP through ip:port. My questions is, is it possible to access a website in a server without a host?.. I am switching servers and I pointed the Host domain to the new one, however, there’s info I have to get from a particular server before I delete. I tried going trough the DB, but no luck. Thanks

Specify the default website that you wish displayed on the IP address via Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> Website Options.

You could then access the website on the server without a host through IP:80 or IP:443 or just by entering the IP address in the address bar of the browser.

TY Cal, however, upon trying I received this error…Making website the default …
… failed : No Apache virtualhost found for

While comparing old CP to new CP I also noticed some options missing on the old CP…

Hmm. It appears at first glance that your Virtualmin installation on the new server is not perfect. Had it been, the method I have outlined would have worked flawlessly. I have used this very technique to migrate websites between servers many times.

Correction, the new server is the one displaying all the info correctly. Hence the reason I’m moving servers…

Ah. Then just

You learn new things everyday. I didn’t know it was possible to migrate. But, in any case, I have things configured in the new server that I wouldn’t want to jeopardize. My only issue is, the custom code we made for a contact form in one of the servers still there, and I failed to make a back up of it… I can’t seem to find a way to retrieve it, therefore, I’m going to have to bite the bullet and try to reconstruct… TY

Wait a minute - even if the website(s) on the old server are not rendering, there is no reason that the system migrate procedure as outlined in the link above would not work. You do not need to lose any data / files.

The other approach that you could use, if you do not wish to mess up the new system with a restore which would bring in config of the old system, is to manually create the virtual servers on the new Virtualmin and then selectively restore just the web and mail components of the backup. This will give you all your files and data bit keep the config squeaky clean on the new Virtualmin.

O.K. Would it be possible to just restore one server and can I use a sub-server for it?..

Yes, Virtualmin has a most flexible backup and restore module.

Great, I’ll try it. Thanks…

O.K., I tried the back up and got this: Backup failed!

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