about directory permission


When I set the directory permission as 707, the server says Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /test on this server.

How can I access with 707 permission, I need it.

Please Help me…

Thank you :slight_smile:


Yeah you would need the group to be able to read the files and directories in order for it to work properly… so “707” wouldn’t actually work.

That’s an unusual permission – is there a particular reason you’re trying to remove any group permissions, while making it world readable/writable?


Thank you for your reply…

Some php program that used usually by my clients needs the permission…

So any change can I make it?


Are you certain it needs “707” though? I’ve never heard of a program needing that particular permission.

Which program is it that you’re trying to run?

However, it’s not possible for things to work with that second number being “0”.