About Cloudlinux


I searched here and I see a topic saing that the Virtualmin is not compatible with CloudlinuxOS. Is that true? Or now it is compatible?
I ask this because on CloudlinuxOS page says that the OS is pure compatible with Webmin, but not Virtualmin.



Unfortunately, it’s not likely to work well… the dependencies used for each cause a conflict (my recollection is that’s related to Apache… Virtualmin provides it’s own version of that).

Webmin would indeed work quite well, as it has a very minimal set of dependencies. Virtualmin itself though needs quite a lot of tools configured in particular ways, and only a handful of distributions are supported for that.



Thanks for the quickly reply.

But they sell CloudlinuxOS with arguments that takes me to think the CentOS is unsafe for webhosting providers…like the resource control…is this really necessary? Or its just a marketing?


We have nothing bad to say about CloudLinux, it’s a good product with increased security protections and features.

However, there’s many organizations, including us here at virtualmin.com, who run regular CentOS without any issues :slight_smile:


Thanks again!

I think I will try with Virtualmin, because I was thinking to try with CPanel/WHM and CloudlinuxOS, but with Virtualmin I fell free to make changes on apps and the system without mess. I pretend to get a PRO licence too. Thanks!