Ability to add/modify mailbox folders via CLI


There is ability to set auto-responder, or turn on/off spam, etc…

But there is no ability to create mailbox folders.

Such feature is required in many use-case scenarios.


Oh, you can ‘create mailbox folders’ by creating a new user. See https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/developer/cli/create_user

I have posted that link, and I am creating users, but I need mailbox folders with specific names.

Common folders are /spam /inbox

and what I need is /processed /failed

And I don’t need it as a template for users, I need it only for some users, not for all new users. Got it?

Actually you have not: you posted modify_user and I create_user. Not to quibble but the two are different and contain different info.

You want to use the CLI to control folder names, I get that. Could you explain what you are attempting to accomplish and to cater to which use case scenario, to enable us to help you better?

Our use-case scenario, is we are using helpdesk software, which moves processed emails to processed folders and failed ones to failed folder…

Currently everything is automated, we create helpdesk or support@ domain, and the only manual step is loggin into user’s account viah virtualmin, and creating folders…

You could create a custom skel for users that has these directories already created, I think? Virtualmin itself doesn’t really operate at that level, your mail client usually creates the folders it wants, and Dovecot creates the core folders. Usermin creates some folders of its own for sent/trash/spam/etc., but that only happens on first login, I think…or maybe even just on first use of the folder.

But, the skel can contain anything you want, including folders and files, and is usually how you’d want to configure a users home. Each Server Template can have its own skel, it doesn’t have to be /etc/skel (though that’s the default, and is fine if you only have one set of requirements).

@Joe [quote=“acosonic, post:3, topic:105641”]
I don’t need it as a template for users, I need it only for some users, not for all new users.

I just thought, that it would be logical if there are features for auto-responder, spam, etc, to have ability to create folders also, this way…

Looks like I’ll have to do it from command line in some other way. Thanks.

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