A very good choice of vps

hello everyone please I’m looking for a cheap vps and there is no port security limit because I use vultr and digitalocean but really it’s crappy choices

Vultr is fine.

nn it’s pure shit it’s them the problem they closed port 25 and let me search in the wrong place is when I spoke to him he tells me because of security he can’t unblock the port imagine that pays for not not receiving the service that’s bullshit bro

Point them to the page Joe provided and tell them they owe you a refund. I don’t know their support structure so I don’t know if you talked to someone that works for them or some ‘person’ reciting from a prepared text depending on what line they answer.

But, I think I told you this was the most likely cause of your problem early in the conversation. :wink:

EDIT: Or open the support ticket. The phone person may not be able to do it because that is the wrong proceedure.

my brother has already done this for even the reimbursement but the problem is that I have to find a supplier who doesn’t have this kind of problem or shipping limit 25 do you have an idea of course with a cheap price hhhhhh

Define cheap, and what do you need spec wise.


hello dear friend thank you for the message what I need a vps or I cannot find obstacles for example at vultr I encountered a crappy service they closed port 25 then departed even before installing virtualmin and when I asked why they justified their blocking on security I found another company contabo you will find their price on the capture
what I’m looking for is a VPS with a reasonable price or cheaper to work without blocking

I use OVH without any problems, and it is quite cheap.

I don’t think one should expect very low-cost hosting providers to install your software for you. Most are just providing a VM with the OS.

Installing Virtualmin is very easy, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.


If you are happy to pay around $20 AUS a month then I’m happy to talk further, we don’t block anything but, will not allow spamming, porn, and the like, I also can not provide 32 TB of data a month, but if that was truly an issue you wouldn’t be on a VPS

Let me know


Correct, we provide the VPS only we can provide a managed virtualmin install but that costs a bit more.

I am a huge fan of:

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Thank you my brother but contabo.com

remains the best and cheapest offer

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