A thanks to sgrayban for VirtualMin fix

I was having reocurring issues with MySQL which I thought I had solved. Here is the closed ticket, it came back to haunt me with a vengence this week: MySQL crashing regularly - Insights needed)

I found this thread on jobs board Looking for new clients, and I contracted Scott, and he quickly fixed the mysql issue and helped explain where I went wrong (not enough virtual mem, mysql set to huge instead of medium).

It was a huge relief since I am more of an ambitious hobbyist than a system admin! Hope that it is ok post here, the previous posts were both closed, and thought this was worth a shout out.


Glad I was able to help you!

Yes, you can easily fix this by re-running Post-Installation Wizard from System Settings/Re-Run Install Wizard and choosing different value for size.

Nice one Ilia, that is really good to know. I think I choose ‘Huge’ because it said recommended in caps, me being none the wiser, choose it for a vastly under-resourced server.

… how much RAM do you have? :slight_smile:

Hi Illia, I have 4 gb now (when set up the system It was only 2gb) but only had around 270mb for swap. Its currently got 2GB for swap, set on medium and is running smoothely.

When looking at the wizard, are the bracketed numbers (eg 256mb for small system) total system RAM or memory that is need for mysql? My understanding at the time that it was that it was for total system RAM.


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