A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license

I recently migrated servers so I expected it to say 2 for a short time but now it is saying 3 and giving an error?

I moved from Server A to Server B (so 2 different IP Addresses there) and then after everything tested out ok after migration I did update the hostname on the new server host.example.net to host.example.com but the IP didn’t change… Could this have triggered the 3rd instance to be detected?

This anything to worry about? How often will this checked? Is there anyway to correct this?

Will the error message go away?


Yeah, that’s actually normal – that won’t cause any problems, only the Master Admin can see the message, and it’ll actually go away on it’s own after a few days.

At the end of this week though, if you’re still seeing that message, let us know and we can figure out why you’re seeing that still.