A new virtual server in virtualmin is not reachable on the ip address for domain name setup

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5
Webmin version 1.979
Virtualmin version 6.16
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I have setup an instance and have been struggling to get my workloads to work on AWS.

I have setup Virtualmin/Webmin on an Ubuntu 18 instance and login via shell with route 53, Natgateway and routes on a fully working webserver and architecture setup. I can login to Virtualmin, commissioned via marketplace on port 10000 for the virtual server.

I have one domain, mymall.click as a virtual server running on virtualmin setup when the first installation was done via shell. Everything works fine, but when I add a second domain, mymalltravel.click I cannot access the website via a browser window. I keep getting “Site not reachable”. I checked /etc/apache2/sites-available and everything automatically setup looks ok. Even to login on new virtual server ip-address:10000, it does not login.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really need to get all my other workloads on vertualmin working as I like the inter face.

Thanks in advance.

Well, if those are your actual domains, do note that they are not pointing to the same IP…

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mymall.click is using name servers:


mymalltravel.click is using name servers:


You have a complete mess of domains using different nameservers which is resulting in different outcomes in DNS (different IP addresses). You need to get that sorted out.

Hi Gomez_Adams,

Thanks for your speedy response. The nameservers are set on AWS automatically in Route 53 when you setup a route for a domain. How can fix this?

Also in Virtualmin. When I go to virtualmin>services>preview website, it shows ok in the browser, but serving under my main domain mymall.click.


When you preview the site, it’s not using external DNS so it will preview just fine.

I’m not familiar with route 53, but surely there’s a way to set your own nameservers and the like. I’ve never heard of not being able to control that. Ever.

Ok understood. So sorry I’m new to virtualmin.

I’ve used Cpanel on a pre-built platform and setting up a new domain is easy. I installed this via shell from an online guide.

My question is that if the DNS is different for another domain, should it stop it from being reachable because I plan to host other client’s websites through virtualmin and create more virtual servers pointing to different ip addresses respectively?

@Gomez_Adams - actually this is sadly how Route53 works. Domains added on a single account won’t necessarily have the same nameservers… :expressionless:

@gmashonga - read my first post again. If the sites are hosted on the same server, the A record should point to the same IP (on said server)… Doesn’t matter which nameservers you use in this regard.


Yes I saw that AWS Route 53 defines its own DNS records. Thank you for clarifying that. I was getting a little worried.

On the cloud front, I had created an EC2 instance and mymall.click domain on AWS uses an elastic ip of x.x.x.202, while mymalltravel.click uses elastic ip x.x.x.222. Both these elastic addresses are assigned to my instance which virtualmin was using to create virtual servers. mymalltravel.click has its DNS records resolving well using elastic ip x.x.x.222. So if i’m getting you correctly, you are saying both domains should point to same elastic ip to work?


Hm, if both those addresses are also configured in Virtualmin I think it should be ok.
But I don’t know much more about how AWS works, and if you’d actually need two addresses, as it’s much easier to work with just one.

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Ok, maybe let me try your option using one. Even when I followed the guide for setting up a new virtual server on Virtualmin, the steps are pretty basic. I just can’t see where I’m going wrong for it not to show. I deleted the server and recreated it through Webmin as well, still no luck.I’ve checked /etc/hosts, file permissions and ownership. I’ve added a custom port for the one virtual server to listen to. All bring me to site unreachable page. The only error log I got was something like GET HTTP01 200 “webmin” before I deleted the server. I don’t know if this will help.

@toreskev well exactly - rest of the forum post is just noise - waste of space and etc…

This is normal behavior for Route 53. As long as the Amazon name servers serve the right IPs, you can ignore the large number of seemingly random DNS servers.


What are you taking about, dude?

I was about the same thing as joe said - already.

Have you changed the external IP in Server Configuration/Change IP Address/external IP Address and select the 2nd dot and enter you external IP


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Thanks a lot kdmiller45 and Joe. Will keep that noted and I have made the ip changes as per your suggestions.

@toreskev and @kdmiller45 after changing my ip addresses to the same as for both domains, now the other site is now reachable, but it’s showing the content for my main domain, mymall.click not what is uploaded in the public_html folder of mymalltravel.click.

I also checked the /etc/apache2/sites-available and checked the mymalltravel.click.conf file and the document root path is correct pointing to DocumentRoot /home/mymalltravel/public_html. I wonder what’s causing it to ignore the document root?

That is something I have done and fixed my issues, but Joe is definitely the man to listen to

Just my two bits that got me going


Hello all.

I managed to set one ip address for all virtual servers. However, the second virtual server is failing to issue a Let’sencrypt certificate validation complaining of timeout.

I’ve also noticed the default ssl.conf file in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ has a virtualhost pointing to the primary domain. Could this be causing the second virtual-server to display the primary virtual server content? How can i fix that virtual servers displays content on defined in document root. When I disable it, apache fails to load.

I’ve also checked ufw, is active, ports 80 and 443 are open, my route 53 has the txt file for the acme challenge. What could be causing the timeout as there is no firewall?

did you give the external IP in Server Configuration/Change IP and then select the 2nd dot and enter the external IP

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