A brigade of bug fixes, a trove of typo fixes, and a new module too!

Howdy all,

I have just unleashed what is perhaps the largest pile of module updates since way back in 2005 or 2006 when we stopped rolling all modules simultaneously (we did that for a few months because the plugin API was still shifting, and some module boundaries weren’t yet well-defined).

In this batch of updates, we have:

  • virtual-server-theme 8.0
  • virtual-server-mobile 2.4
  • virtualmin-git 1.1
  • virtualmin-disable 1.1
  • virtualmin-google-analytics 2.5
  • virtualmin-htpasswd 2.4
  • virtualmin-mailman 6.0
  • virtualmin-signup 1.3
  • virtualmin-slavedns 1.5
  • virtualmin-svn 4.8

All but one of these are bug/typo fix releases. No security issues, or bugs that would cause data loss or anything, so they’re leisurely sort of updates. Install them whenever is convenient for you; but since they’re all minor updates, they also aren’t expected to cause any issues.

virtualmin-disable is a new (or sort of new; the people it was developed for have had it for a while, I think, and I think it’s been in Jamie’s Webmin.com module repo for a while) module that provides some automatic account disabling capabilities. Not useful if you have a full-fledged billing system like WHMCS, but some folks with home-grown shopping carts wanted an API call they could make to automatically setup a scheduled disable of an account at some point in the future.

As always, holler in the ticket tracker if you run into any bugs.