**500 - Error - Perl execution failed**

500 - Error - Perl execution failed
Undefined subroutine &virtual_server::require_mysql called at /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/wizard-lib.pl line 225.

We indulge people who do not describe their problem adequately and that leads to a lot of two-and-fro which could have been avoided and causes frustration, resulting in people abandoning Virtualmin for the strangest of reasons. For example, this newby deleted his server because he could not not tell us in his initial message everything which we needed to know to assist him effectively: see Php-pecl-mailparse for one php version?

I don’t want to repeat the same mistake with you.

You’re posting just an error message, which is not the best way to ask for help. Please provide as much info as you can, so that we can help you quickly and efficiently.

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The reason why you see this error, is that, perhaps, Webmin hasn’t been adequately restarted. Those libs are cached by default, and without restarting Webmin they won’t be re-read after package upgrade. However, it’s not normal, as upgrade processes does restart Webmin by default.

The easiest way would be is to reboot your server and try again. Other solution would be to force reload Webmin by running:


Please close this. Its solved. Thanks