404 error at the server level

Hi everyone, I come across a 404 error, according to Google analytics it comes from my server, It would be easier to fix for a newbie in WordPress, but, since this is a PHP custom website, it requires some extra knowledge, anyone had this issue before? to a non-wordpress site

Obviously, it isn’t as you’ve had this problem before:

A 404 is relatively simple to figure out if you examine your Apache error logs. A file not found can be several things and they’re not unique at all to Wordpress.

By the way, Wordpress is programmed in PHP.

Hi, the 404 is not that much of a big deal. It just says the page you’re looking for has moved or been deleted… Images and so forth… The bigger issue would a 500 error. Could you post the link you followed to get the 400, please?.. TY

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@Fabrix hi, 404 is nothing to worry about… it means simply page does not exist… if someone come to your website and try to access yourdomain.com/administrator or yourdomain.com/admin.php or whatever it does not exist he will be greet with 404 error… from your end I would not be worried about this issues.

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