403 error when trying to save changes in Joomla or doing some stuff on PHPMyAdmin

OS type and version AlmaLinux Linux 8.5
Virtualmin version 6.17

I have installed a webmin/virtualmin, and hosted 2 jooomla sites, also installed PhpMyamin thru virtualmin, nothing fancy.
But I get a " 403 Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource." when trying to save any change in any of the Joomla control panels.
And also getting a red error saying “Error in processing request / Error code: 403 / Error text: Forbidden (rejected) / It seems that the connection to server has been lost. Please check your network connectivity and server status.” in phpMyAdmin when try to write an SQL for example (Can click on a table and it shows the results tho, but once the error appears I cannot do anything else).
I can query the database normally if go to mysql thru the SSH client (Both here and thru phpMyAdmin I use root).

Any ideas? Something security related, but don’t know how to handle it. Again, I haven’t installed much more … the SSL certificates for both sites.


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