"3 package updates are available"

To receive those Update emails, I believe you go to Webmin > System > Software Package Updates > Scheduled Upgrades and fill in the fields there.

I know that but never used it :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks for provided info. I found the source of the problem and fixed it.

@Jamie Please revise. Do you think it might cause issues with other modules comparing versions the new way?

Look, here is what we had, before the patch, when comparing minor versions, first containing underscore, against second that doesn’t have underscore, like 2.9.1-6.el7_2.3 vs 2.9.1-6.el7.4:


… and here is after the patch, which makes things right:


Note: In case you think it might cause issues with version compare in other modules, let me know, I will work around it, somehow.

Why are we comparing versions at all? apt or yum should be doing that thinking.

We do outsource the comparison to apt, if the apt-show-versions command is installed. Otherwise Webmin has to it, and re-producing the package manager’s implementation of version comparisons is tricky when we have odd “numbers” like 7_2.3


Ah, thanks, that clears it up. Maybe I should just add apt-show-versions as a dependency to the virtualmin-stack metapackages? (Probably overkill to add it to Webmin packages, but Virtualmin already installs a million things.)

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If I remember correctly, Webmin package itself has it as a dependency already.

I will consider that fix as “good to keep” then. Thanks @Jamie and @Joe.

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