3 errors in CentOS 8

Hello everyone and thanks in advance. I am testing Virtualmin on CentOS 8 and I come across 3 errors, 2 of which I could work around, but the experience isn’t as smooth as it is on CentOS 7.

The first error didn’t allow the installation of Virtualmin to finish because some Webmin processes were running during phase 3 and I had to kill them before installing Virtualmin and then restart Webmin.

The second error is that I couldn’t save my changes on the Features and Plugins page because of an IPv4 related issue I fixed under Server Configuration > Change IPv4 Address

And now the third error is not being able to locally resolve my website, because my private IPv4 isn’t registered in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/localips … so I change the file, I can load my site locally, but when I try to post from WordPress I cannot and when I click on Services > Preview Website the relevant IPv4 is deleted from /etc/webmin/virtual-server/localips … the output I get is "Connection to IP addresses not on this system are not allowed :

My experience with Virtualmin has been way smoother on CentOS 7 … but that’s probably because you are still working on CentOS 8 compatibility. Thanks for the hard work, guys.


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we are still working on it and @Joe is aware of those issues.

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