2FA for Usermin

We have 2factor for Webmin/Virtualmin root/domain owners. What about Usermin and for the individual users? Would be a huge benefit and a needed feature. Not sure if planned or being developed?

Are you under the impression that 2FA is available only to root and not to other users of Webmin / Virtualmin? :thinking:

You can get 2FA activated for every user in exactly the same manner that you activated it for root.

For me only root and domain owners show as webmin users. Assuming you click on the user then enable 2FA, ignoring the message that says ‘This Webmin user should not be edited as it is managed by the Virtualmin Virtual Servers module’ yes 2FA can then be enabled but only domain owners. When they logon to webmail they also get the option to disable/enable 2FA. A user@domain.com does not get this option and I cant see the manual option to enable.

Or is there a process that needs done e.g. convert users to webmin etc. for it to show as webmin user then enable 2FA. I have 2 servers and they behave the same in that I cant enable 2FA for normal users. Could be that I am doing something wrong or dont see the option but not showing for me.


It is not yet implemented for Usermin. We discussed it with @Jamie in the past but haven’t had time to do it.

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OK thanks for feedback. Hope it will be implemented soon :grin:

Plus 1 to this. I would love to roll usermin mail out to 200+ users, but cant without some kind of MFA.

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