"2 updates to system packages are available" but they are not there


For some time now I have the notice that 2 updates to system packages are available but when I go to Virtualmin Package Updates module they are not there.

When packages updates are available I update them however these two non existing updates remain in system information.

Have anyone experience similar situation?



I’d be curious what you see if you try to perform the update from the command line.

What distro is it that you’re using?



I am using centos 6.5 (https://www.virtualmin.com/files/virt_1.jpg)

When I go to Virtualmin Package Updates there are no packages available to update.

Should I do su -c ‘yum update’ in terminal?


I’d suggest running “yum update” as root in the terminal, and then let us know what output you receive after that.


Hi Eric,

It seems there were two php54 updates that virtualmin was not showing.

I was not able to paste the terminal output to this post due to an internal server error when saving the post, but basically the updates were: php54 and php54 runtime.

Now these updates are finally cleared from virtualmin system information.

Could this mean that I have some misconfiguration in virtualmin?


Virtualmin says 2 updates to system packages are available. Use the Virtualmin Package Updates module to install them selectively., but nothing is listed on the Updates module.

yum update gives: No Packages marked for Update

using CentOS Linux 6.6 Virtualmin version 4.12.gpl GPL Webmin version 1.720

any suggestions please?

I as well had the same issue. On Ubuntu 14.04. The two packages that were the culprits for me:

gcc-4.9-base libgcc1