$150 bounty for integrating Virtualmin with Ubersmith's order form

Not sure if I am allowed to post ads here, but since it is about Virtualmin integration, I thought this forum is the most appropriate place.

I’d like to use Virtualmin together with Ubersmith and ready to pay $300 for getting these two integrated. Well, because Ubersmith has lot’s of features (like server monitoring, etc) integrating the two would probably require much more efforts than $300 can buy, so that is why I am only requesting to put together Ubersmith’s order form (described here http://www.ubersmith.com/kbase/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=39) and Virtualmin’s ability to create virtual servers. So since Virtualmin has some API for receiving cli commands, the whole projects comes down to creating Ubersmith order form, which would at the same time trigger virtual server creation on Virtualmin.

Access to Ubersmith utilizing sandbox site will be provided. Good knowledge of PHP, Virtualmin and being able to read Ubersmith API documentation will suffice to accomplish this job.

You’re quite welcome to publish jobs such as this – we hope you find a taker!