1 update failed (0ther 300+ worked OK)

contabo basic VPS1 6Gb memory
OS type and version AlmaLinux 9.4
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

Hi Everyone,

I just executed the package updates from the dashboard (300+), but it failed on LibRaw. I deselected that from the list, and installed all the others successfully (it now recognises the o/s as AlmaLinux 9.4).

Then I retried the remaining Libraw, but I get this error (happens on two identically configured VPSs).

I don’t think it is something I need, so can someone tell me how I either remove the libraw software, carry out the update manually, or remove the requirement to run the update, so I don’t see the 1 update remaining on the dashboard.


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Try dnf clean all and then dnf update on the command line. Do this via ssh, rather than in the Webmin Terminal (you can update most things in the Webmin Terminal, but if Webmin itself is among the updates, the session will be interrupted as Webmin restarts).

Thanks Joe, that worked perfectly and allowed me to make the final update.

I just had a similar issue this morning.
Found this

I had a look at the repos and Epel repo was on and the Remi was off, so I turned off Epel and Remi on and that fixed the update. This is OK I hope.

Hi Stefan,

Got it sorted, but I thought I’d look to see how I might do this if I had too, I can see all these repositories in the list (and the Epel one I could disable), but which of these would be the Remi one, or is there another I should be adding.


Remi is on Rocky, not 100% sure what repos are on the clean install, but remi repo are installed with the mulit-php config. Remi-safe was on but Remi was off originally.

P.S. Ok, I just did a clean virtualmin install on rocky. The remi repo only installed with the Multiple PHP versions. Rocky have RT repo.

@Jamie, do you think we could fix that?

I just did a quick check for email notifications for package updates. I don’t see one?

Please start a new topic about new questions. This is completely unrelated to OPs question/problem. (I’m deleting off-topic follow-ups.)


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