1 IP - Many domains how?

I used Webmin ( ver. 1.953) / Virtualmin (6.10)
Debian 10, PHP-fpm + NGINX.

I need to use many domains with 1 IP.
IP 1 - webmin/virtualmin located
IP 2 - any sites

But, i tried to create second virtual server for IP 2 - i have error( ip used for another domain )
can you give me instruction step by step for creating any domains for 1 ip ?

In the Virtualmin dashboard check the IP Address Allocation section. If the IP is listed as dedicated it needs to be converted it to shared. To do that select Server Configuration/Change IP Address. Do you see a button toward the bottom of the page for converting dedicated IP to shared?

Edit: I suggest the server’s IP (IP 1?) be shared for “any sites” and use IP 2 as dedicated if you need a dedicated IP. If you don’t need a dedicated IP and both are shared, either IP should be available when creating a new virtualhost.

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Ramin, thanks a lot for the tip.
You helped me a lot!!!

You’re welcome! Glad it’s working out.

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