Zend and gpl

i’m tring to install zend on my server but dont know where and what
to edit what php.ini so it will work<br><br>Post edited by: cyberthug, at: 2008/08/05 13:27

A while back a user added some notes in the documentation about Zend. I’m unfamiliar with it, myself, but it seems to cover the basics:


But I will point out that we’re not doing anything strange.

Virtualmin can run PHP scripts under mod_php, CGI_suexec, or mod_fcgid+suexec (we recommend the latter), and Zend can seemingly work in any of those configurations. I imagine they must provide documentation for installation…and if they do, the docs should apply to Virtualmin systems just like any other. PHP is PHP, regardless of whether Virtualmin happens to be managing the server.

i cant find the php.in file where they say it is

There is a system-wide php.ini in /etc, or in /etc/php4 or /etc/php5. This is copied into place within the virtual server’s home, if you have Virtualmin Professional and are using the mod_fcgid or CGI method of execution with suexec. If you’re using mod_php, only the system-wide php.ini ever takes effect, and /home/domain/etc/php* won’t be generated by Virtualmin.

It depends on how you’re executing PHP as to where the php.ini is, and whether you need to edit lots of them or if only one exists.