yum updates beyond virtualmin

After reading in news that there were some recent updates to virtualmin I issued a yum list updates. I see that there are several updates (httpd, mod_ssl, mod_fcgid, php) that appear to be special versions created by Virtualmin. Can you explain the reasons for these updates? I see from the forums that some updates were supplied to bring RHEL3 up to the 4 level such that Virtualmin would work with it easier. I don’t see anything about the RHEL4 (the one I’m using) updates. I was always under the impression that Virtualmin was a “clean” management system that really didn’t touch your system.

If indeed you are supplying updates for these programs how will you handle the situation when Red Hat releases updates for those programs? Will Virtualmin break when updating from up2date if the yum updates are not yet available from your repository?