Your system's primary IP address appears to have changed

So I have had this message telling me : “Your system’s primary IP address appears to have changed from eth0 to x.x.x.x(real ip). Virtual servers using the old address may be unreachable or serve the wrong web content.”

How exactly do I get rid of this message? If I try to “update” the incorrect IP address it gives me an error(Failed to change IP addresses : Missing or invalid old address)r.

This started when I made a bridge to install a few virtual machines. Apparently Virtualmin did not like that I went from eth0 to br0. I’ve left it alone for a few months hoping it would go away but it never did, doesn’t affect any functionality…

Can someone help? I can’t find anything in search. The only thing different under the Virtualmin Config > Network section is I changed the “Network interface for virtual addresses” from detect automatically to the br0 adapter.