'Your DKIM signature is not valid' - Issue configuring DKIM

Hi all,

I have tried and tried, but I cannot figure this out.

I am trying to configure DKIM but tests with mail-tester.com are giving me the error ‘Your DKIM signature is not valid’

This is the whole output from mail-tester.com :

The DKIM signature of your message is:

v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=simple/simple; d=mail.mydomain.com; s=2016; t=1484596769; bh=9HX0nidGgxD1uUm0x8lBIVqsuSh2vlWl1ljiEaV324g=; h=Date:To:From:Reply-To:Subject:List-Unsubscribe:From; b=LlAdp1kOfGCJtPYUzXFmfcTvJQgfrzd/FksVc4ikXyGZcgMGfJ7vYz100ikPdf6MWIPErm4F9/mnvWwSOqZsT0hHEbFeodhN/rr1ttJ6zm9n2WjHqwo+W04O+o4dMVvD3otACGqspy177ngMP+cmrRD+54aywyoCalyUpX17g/0= Your public key is:

Key length: 1024bits

Your DKIM signature is not valid

I am using a subdomain (mail.mydomain.com) for this and the DNS is not on the same server. I have created DNS entries where the DNS is configured of mail.mydomain.com which points to the IP address of the virtualmin server (its a VM). I have also made an MX entry and a TXT entry for the public key.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have tried every single thing I can think of, but I’m really stuck. Happy to post any further info as required and relevant.

To note, mail is working fine, except for the fact that DKIM fails.

Many thanks in advance.