You don't have permission to server try later!


I have a virtual server running an api dashboard for an Android Studio application which sends messages and data to a api for database storage.

I keep getting {“success”:-1,“errors”:{“Err”:“You don’t have permission to server try later!”}} when I run this URL What maybe the issue with server settings?


OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
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I would reach out to the developer of the api and ask what this cryptic message actually means, or it might mean you are not logged in to the app at

This sounds like some application that you are running and almost certainly has nothing to do with anything in Webmin/Virtualmin.

But as always it is very difficult for anyone on here to do anything to help because you have not provided any REQUIRED information so we are only guessing!.

My apolgies for that, please see below:

|OS type and version|REQUIRED| Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
|Webmin version|REQUIRED| 2.111
|Virtualmin version|REQUIRED| 7.10.0
|Related packages|SUGGESTED| codeigniter web server app connecting Android Studio project.

Server messages/ chat messages are failing delivery via api with {“success”:-1,“errors”:{“Err”:“You don’t have permission to server try later!”}} using curl in terminal.

I’ve sent through a support ticket a while back with no response, tried loggin in with different users. Have permission correct. Just wanted to clear any misconfigs and get expert server advice.

Thanks for that,
will keep trying to reach out to them.

Hi guys. I reached-out to the developers for the API as suggested and it turns out there was an API checker config that had to be disabled. So it’s safe to close this issue. Much appreciated for the advise.

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