you can not overwrite - file manager


Please, I have several files and moodle directories on my server.

I’m trying to upgrade the files … to do it, just unzip the files in the main directory of Moodle, but webmin file manager lets not overwrite directories.

I’ve tried to solve the problem using the root, but even so, the problem keeps popping up: you can not overwrite:

I’ve changed the permissions, but still remains the error.

This is the warning image and the procedure I’m doing:




In fillezilla, also happens:

Could someone please help me.

I wish every directory and the files were overwritten.

Thank you

I usually do this kind of thing from the command line via ssh, or if I’m copying from one system to another, scp. You could do:

scp -r /path/to/admin/* root@servername:/path/to/admin

The “-r” option will recursively copy any directories that happen to be in the admin directory.

And, if you were to login via ssh (or use the Text Login module found in the Others category in Webmin, which provides a JavaScript terminal into your system):

cp -a /path/to/admin/* /path/to/new/admin

Would do the trick and would overwrite the files (it might ask for confirmation before overwriting, if your system has some protective aliases in place for the root user; you could override those protections with the -f or --force option).

But, I believe you could do what you’re asking with an FTP client by copying the files themselves, rather than the directory. I’m not sure how FTP handles directory copies.

I’m not sure why the File Manager doesn’t ask if you want to overwrite the directory…it usually does ask before destructive things, rather than simply not doing it; but I don’t have Java installed, so I can’t tinker with it at the moment (and we’re planning to replace File Manager with something in JavaScript eventually, so it’s not getting a lot of attention).


I wanted a more practical solution …
I have about 40 directories full of files … and do not like to use ssh to it all.
I do not know much linux and shh … I wanted a solution via ftp or webmin
Copy file one by one, is not feasible.
I am studying a way to make it more easily.
But I appreciate your help.
Thanks Joe