Ye olde' permissions but different

Home hosted VPS (BMSworld.NZ)
Windows Server 2016 w hyper-V
VM is Ubuntu server 16 LTS with VirtualMin

I upgraded VirtualMin’s php7.0 to 7.3. I am now unable to upgrade plugin’s
Directory permissions of wp-content is 0755 bmsworld:bmsworld (probably should disclose that here but meh)
Plugin’s has permissions 0755 (I understand they should be 0644? wp-content > plugins) - I found this by research bit it did not fix the fault.

I’m literally out of idea’s - I’m the hardware guy with strengths in VM’s etc, not this!

The only possible scenarios I can think of are:
Directory permissions applied as recursive have not worked as expected.
Something about the php execution method?
possible wrong owner of files?

Do a quick Virtualmin -> Limits and Validation -> Validate Virtual Servers before you try anything else to fix the problem.

I rolled back the VM to a checkpoint made prior to the php upgrade in order to restore functionality.

Validation output is:

Beginning validation of selected virtual servers. Any problems found will be shown in red …

All features OK

When I upgraded PHP, I followed this guide:

Looks good so far… there are other tabs in Virtualmin -> Limits and Validation -> Validate Virtual Servers which you should explore.

This is the official documentation for multiple PHP versions in Virtualmin:

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