YARQ - some domains redirected to first domain in httpd.conf

OS type and version Rocky 8.5
Virtualmin version 6.17


Just finished migrating from my old server (Centos 7 - where everything was running properly) to this new one (Rocky 8.5).
For the most part, migration went smooth (after dealing with errors, both, at the backup part and as well at the restore part).
Post migration I had some small errors there and there that I was able to fix.

Problem that I am still facing and not sure where to look for the moment, though I have… is that SOME domains (not all) when accessing the website, I get redirected to the default domain (or better said the first domain in httpd.conf).

All virtualhosts are properly defined using IP and not *.
Domain features - everything is ok and checked (including Apache and Apache SSL website enabled).

Not being able to spot anything in the logs.

What I am missing?


PS: YARQ == Yet Another Redirect Question


Obviously I had some errors in the httpd.conf … but still apache was running.
When I restarted apache I got the following error:

Invalid command ‘PerlRequire’, perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration.

So I have commented out all line like this:

#PerlRequire /etc/webmin/virtualmin-google-analytics/apachemod.pl
#PerlOutputFilterHandler Virtualmin::GoogleAnalytics
#PerlSetVar SSL 1

Restarted apache and seems those domains are working properly. :upside_down_face:

That’s for mod_perl, which is how the Virtualmin google-analytics module injects the Google Analytics code. But, that module is no longer part of the default installation, and we generally consider it deprecated (and mod_perl is also not recommended, in the general case, not just for this module). There’s pretty much always a better way to solve that problem.

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