XenServer logic


I’m doing evaluation of Cloudmin for XenServer. So I have question what is the logic of background in cloudmanage. Does it use xenapi as management interface or uses ssh and execure cli commands on each host?

I hope that I’m worng about it:

Runs some command on a managed system (most likely via SSH), and returns
the output, exit status and error message if it could not be run.
If the leave-open parameter is set, the command is left running and a file
handle for talking to it is returned.
sub execute_command_on_server
my ($server, $cmd, $timeout, $leave, $nolang, $extraflags) = @;
my $efunc = "type
if (defined(&$efunc)) {

It means cloudmin is not cluster aware, and can’t use xenserver buildin features souch as HA, LiveMigration, StorageMigration…better approch would be to use xenapi. Corrent me if I’m wrong.


Hi Dubravko,

I´m not sure either but it would be interesting to know. I think it uses SSH with CLI commands, not the xenapi.

While XenServer features where mostly limited as compared to Open Source Xen or KVM, it seems XenServer is receiving more love lately from Cloudmin, in particular now that Xenserver is also free as beer and completely open source which means there is not more compelling reason not to use it.

As you mentioned, HA, Livemigration, all of this is free as well now with Xenserver, so it would be interesting to know if Cloudmin actually takes advantage of some of this features in the future.