www.webmin.com / www.usermin.com

Does anybody know whats happened to the www.webmin.com site and www.usermin.com site?

They both appear to be permanently displaying the follow error message and have been for a few days now:

This project has been temporarily blocked for exceeding its bandwidth threshold

Projects and users who host on SourceForge.net are given web space to augment their communities and interact with their users. In cases where a project or user’s web space exceeds pre-determined thresholds, this message will be displayed. This block is typically short lived (10-15 minutes), unless the cause of the bandwidth usage is not mitigated. We recommend that the administrator of the site take action to reduce bandwidth usage. If you feel you are receiving this message erroneously, please contact SourceForge.net Support for assistance. Typically this message is displayed when files that belong in the FRS are uploaded into project web, or someone tried to host some pr0n or w4r3z. SourceForge.net Support is willing and able to assist in resolving the cause of this error.

Anyone have any ideas?


Hmm, I hadn’t noticed that error, but I’ll pass it along to Jamie so that he can look into it.

Webmin itself is indeed hosted at Sourceforge, so it’s possible that some sort of increase in bandwidth usage did indeed cause that.


Hi Eric,

I noticed that the webmin site came back up again, however, I just thought I would mention the bandwidth usage error has appeared again.

I had spoken with Jamie about this – it sounds like they had been experiencing a DoS of some sort, and he has a support request open with Sourceforge regarding the issue.

I’ll mention it to Jamie again, though it doesn’t sound like there’s much more they can do.