Wrong sites showing up -- but very strange

After many fresh installations of Virtualmin GPL under

  • Debian 4.0 AND

  • CentOS 5
    I find always this:

  • I’m using an external DNS.

  • I already have many domains pointing to this server.

  • After fresh installation of Virtualmin all of the above domains show just the default (empty, Error message) content.

  • After I create just one virtual server, ALL of the above domains now are showing the content of this single fresh created virtual server.

This behaviour is the same under Debian 4.0 and CentOS 5.

What’s wrong?


Maybe it’s not a bug but a nice feature for automatic parking of domains. Maybe I made a wrong configuration of Virtualmin.

Check the troubleshooting guide. "Wrong site shows up" is a very common query. :wink:


I already checked the troubleshooting guide prior to my post. But it does not address this issue. None of the mentioned possible causes and solutions do help.

Anyway, I’ll find a solution. Meanwhile I created a fake virtual server and all domains are pointing now to this fake server.

the easiest I found is to take the <virtualhost> in the apache config of your main website and put it on top.

Apache looks at the first website to serve (in cases of calling by IP or 404 errors) and the last domains created will be on top. So you want to manually override this by moving your main site up in the config…

so in webmin tab - servers - Apache Webserver
click Global Config - scroll down to where the #virtualhosts begin.
The first <virtualhost> should be your main site or which ever site you want as default.

also every new domain I create will have as "content" the /var/www/error content until the owner places his own files in his public_html. so this would be a feature.
You can change the text in the /var/www/error/noindex.html or change the behaviour through (i think) php.ini

all of your other existing domains should not be changed just for adding a new domain. that would be a misconfiguration.