Wrong German translation in backup-mails

Since the last update of Virtualmin there is a error in the mails that Virtualmin sends when a backup is finished.

Backup ist komplett. Die Gesamtgröße beträgt 11.61 GiB. Total backup time was 28 Minute(n), 07 Sekunde(n).
Von Virtuelmin um https://… gesendet

The secons sentence is not translated, the name of the product “Virtualmen” is wrong and the word “um” is wrong - this must be “von”.

Where is the correct place to suggest changes in the translations? I found some other points in the UI where the German translation is not optimal.

Operating system: CentOS
OS version: 8

Check the github repo I guess.
Btw, using two times “von” with only one word in between not only looks bad it also sounds bad and I don’t think it should be formulated like that. “um” could be changed to “auf” since it’s an installation on a ressource.

You are right - best solution would be “Von Virtualmin auf https:// gesendet”

two pull requests generated on GitHub.

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Sehr gut.


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