wrong domain address in email

i have a multi domain server. For example : primary.com and secondary.com
When i log with usermin into a secondary domain i see this in upper left corner :

and after i send a email to another my address for test, i see the sender is wrong, it is no-reply@primary.com instead of no-reply@secondary.com

how can i fix it ?
thank you

Is secondary.com by chance setup as an alias for primary.com?

If not, you might simply try logging into Usermin, and changing the password for your user, as something may have gotten confused along the way.

After you change the users password, log out, log back in, and see if that fixes the issue.


thanks for reply.
No secondary.com is not an alias for primary.com
I have tryed change the password 2 times, the problem persist.
I get email sended by primary.com again…
any idea ?