Wordpress Website does not update

I have recently created a virtual host on virtualmin and whenever I make changes on wordpress I can see them. And when after some time I come back those are not see able. But by using a VPN I can see those update. Not with my ip. Please help. I have disabled my cache plugin as well but nothing helped.
It might me something with server.

I assume this is some Wordpress cache plugin that you have disabled, but as still seeing results as though from a cache. You may be right, the ‘something with server’ might be opcache. You will need to disable / flush this or any other external cache which is in use on the server to be certain that the anomaly is not due to a cache operation.

Thankyou for your prompt response. It all got sorted out by itself. I think it was due to the DNS propagation, and I was seeing and editing the old server site. After 48 hours things got normla.

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