Wordpress Multisite, VirtualMin, and Let's Encrypt

So here is my current setup:

CentOS Server running various blogs that I am constantly updating. Everyone of them are using StartSSL certs, some are sub-domains and some are domains. I have decided to give multisite a go because I am getting more and more into making blogs and websites based off WordPress.

I am okay with using StartSSL because its not that much work to get the free cert for my domains and I don’t create new ones that often. But I do want my sub-domains and domains to all use SSL. So my question is, what is the easiest (preferably automated) way of getting the domains on SSL?

This is exacly what I worked out how to do. Have a look at https://funkytwig.com/2020/04/06/wordpress-multisite-domains-with-lets-encript-using-webmin-virtualmin/. It includes screenshots. Let me know what you think.

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