wonky forum???

This morning I posted about a problem I had when trying to create a new server using virtualmin 3.63 GPL. On reading the forum I see the post at the right time and topic and poster but the content is from someone else. What gives???


Yes, wonky forum, indeed. It’s a combination of the forum+the nice URLs plugin I’m using in Joomla. If you use a title that is exactly the same as another forum post, it will end up getting the same “friendly” URL, and thus appear to disappear. It’s actually still in there, it’s just not easy to get to–you have to get there via the non-friendly URL (if you get notifications via email, that’s the URL it uses).

If I planned to stay with Joomla and this forum software for more than another couple of weeks, I’d spend the time it takes to fix it…but I don’t, so I’m not going to fight with any of this particular code base anymore. In the meantime, choose interesting and specific titles for your posts (i.e. don’t say, “Mail problem”, instead title it, “Procmail error: blah blah blah” and provide some useful details in the title). Your post won’t get “eaten”, and people (like me and Eric and Jamie) who are trying to stay on top of problems being discussed here in the forums will be more readily able to keep up with them. Everybody wins! :wink: