Wish: Usermin for mobile interface!


I wonder if that can be done:

A very lite Usermin interface for Mobile/iPhone use

On my last China trip I forgot my notebook and had to use my WM6.5 cell phone to WiFi check emails through the *******:20000 Usermin interface. It works. But a special interface with larger buttons and less text would work better.

PS: I hesitated to setup my email program as I worry about password snooping. As far as I know passwords etc. are transferred as simple text in email clients and I have more trust in Usermins HTTPS connection. Are my worries justified?

Any feedback on a lite weight webmail client?

Or can I design my own skin for Usermin?

why don’t try the virtualmin-mobile-theme?

and yes, you can design your own skin for usermin.

virtualmin / webmin auto changes the template when using a mobile agent.
Can this also be done for usermin? There I have a mobile theme and a normal theme but that makes no sense without an auto switch on a user agent base since I want to use usermin on desktop AND mobile devices.