Windows 10 mail not configuring

Operating system: debian
OS version:10.5
Hi. I configured my virtualmin yesterday. I switched from another control panel and i pritty much like it. How ever i have 2 big problems. One is anoying, one is dangerous.

So first the anoying problem. Even though i enabled the email-config xml file and i also verified it works on my browser (sais missing email parameter so is there), the win10 mail client sais could not find setings. I don’t at all know where to start. What can i do?
Second, when i create a virtual server and the user logs in to his home dir, he can lso look out of his home dir into the other users dir. That is not good since i plan on some hosting. How can i fix that?

Into the other users dir? Really? You’re saying users can see into other users home directories? Or are you saying they can see the contents of /home, but can’t actually read anything in those other directories? Huge difference. It’s the difference between “dangerous” and “the way UNIX permissions have worked for 40+ years”.

Anyway, there is a jailshell option that prevents ssh users from leaving their home. You shouldn’t view this as a security feature, it’s just cosmetic (security is already provided by the UNIX permissions on the system; users cannot see other users data). And, the File Manager can also be configured to lock the user in their home.

Note that in a shared hosting system, there is never really complete isolation. User data can be safe (and is, by default, in a Virtualmin system), but if you’re worried about a user being able to see the filesystem outside of their home, you’re going to have a hard time. One could easily make a web app (in PHP or whatever) that can traverse the filesystem…they’ll do it with the domain owner users permissions, so it isn’t dangerous, and other users data continues to be unreadable. But, they’ll be able to do things like ls /home or ls /etc. Which, again, is fine.

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I would suggest trying Thunderbird and see if it gets configured automatically first. Note that using Email Settings > Mail Client Configuration page you can enable automatic configuration for all hosted virtual servers.

Windows mail is horrific. I’ve had to manually configure it every time, even with my ISP Charter email.


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