Will ipv6 only be supported?


I am sad that no even the virtualmin repo supports ipv6.

I was wondering if it will be enabled in the future and if ipv6 only installs ever be an option?

so that virtualmin can be installed without an ipv4/protocol be set for the NIC.

And then have an option for virtualmin it only looks for ipv6 for dns template and webserver template.

I understand that at the moment ipv6 only makes zero sense for mail server but in the future I think it should gain momentum in general.

a first step would be that at least the repo is available with AAAA.

That would be nice but ip6 only is not workable for web, mail, dns etc because majority of shared hosting services are ip4 only. To me ipv6 just seem to be a different route for service like google. I had it with vultr but it was a pain because they kept changing my ip6 number so I turned it off.

This is absolutely insane. There is no reason that we all shouldn’t have a block of IPV6 numbers.

oh yeah I love ip6 (not), now what what was the ip number I had to ping?

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I use SLAAC with EUI-64 from my /56 net from my ISP. So it is static.

Works like this as default on most server distros

But you could also configure DHCP with reservations, or fully static.

However on desktop systems where you want to host something as a server you need to disable privacy extensions and temporary addresses otherwise it would always change. I think this feature exists becaue IPv6 has no NAT by default.

with ipv6 you dont have to deal with the high costs of ipv4 addresses, and you dont have to deal with internal addresses.

Virtualmin works excellent as dual stack, but as a first step i think it should be installable with ipv6.

given the way things are going it is getting harder and harder to get your hands on a clean (non blacklisted) IP4 this might be the future.

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Vult don’t charge for Ip4, only for extra ones. But alot have bad reputations. I had to go through a few until I found a good one.

That’s a false statement… Everyone of my email servers running postfix use both ipv4 and ipv6 with most connections from ipv6, especially coming from common email servers such as outlook and google.

My personal server that uses Virtualmin does the same with no problems what so ever. Where most of my connections to Virtualmin/Webmin are always ipv6 connections from home and office.

Unless, You are talking about direct connection to Virtualmin/Webmin Repos? In that case they need to do something about it. That would be a major problem for most who only have ipv6 servers.

I also use ipv6 for mailservers, but for maximum delivarbility you still need ipv4 these days imo.

Yes the panel itself supports ipv6 fully. But I would like an ipv6 only option.

software.virtualmin.com is only ipv4.