Why is user name-domain.com craeted along with name@domain.com in /etc/passwd ?

I create my users as name@domain.com. However, when I inspect /etc/passwd, I also see name-domain.com being created as well.

Thus there are 2 users entered into the passwd file for each one I create from virtualmin using the name@domain format.

Any idea why?


Not all services (and in particular, Postfix) like dealing with users that have a @ in their name. To get around that issue, two users with the same uid/gid are created. That allows the services to work properly.

Check out the last question here, “What’s the deal with @ in mailbox usernames”:


Thanks. I see.

I didn’t realise there were issues with user@domain convention. I have some users using that convention because my current system is based on POSTFIX+MYSQL and it doesn’t run into that issue. When I migrate to Virtualmin, I guess I need to be aware this in case anything goes wrong. It works though, so I’m not too fussed at the moment.