Why is safe user creation not working on webmin?

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Hello sirs,
I saw some comments about how to create safe users somewhere on the forum, cant remember where. I followed it, however it seems even after the safe user has logged in, filemin still displays the entire file/directory structure for the server(as if its an admin login), rather than limiting the user to the ‘home directory’.

Here is what I did:

  1. webmin >> system >>users and groups >> user is created
  2. webmin >> webmin >> webmin users >> safe user is created
    both of the above have same credentials.
    When I login with the safe user credentials, yes I can see the options I chose (file manager and change passwords) on the left hand menu, however the right side displays the complete folder structure in the server.

I expected that the safe user should be limited to the automatically created home directory or the the manually specified directory path(I have a mounted NAS storage). Using either of these 2 options results in the same observation above.

the default shell is /bin/sh
pls help


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