Why I can't add more than one virtual host for subdomains?


I just found out that I can’t add more than one virtual host, so this basically means that I cannot add more than 2 domains on my server while the rest of society can add up to 200 subdomains at the same server.
What is wrong with virtualmin/webmin?

Maybe I’m missing something, but your screenshot is of an IP address warning. What does that have to do with how many virtual servers you can create?


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Well, you’re running a ~2 year old version of Virtualmin. That’s definitely wrong. You probably have a very old Webmin, too, I guess?

Has nothing to do with adding more virtual hosts, though, and I don’t understand what problem you’re having exactly…your description doesn’t make sense based on the warning you’re showing. Virtualmin GPL has no domain (virtual host) limits.

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I would like to demonstrate through the following screenshot that you can add more than 2 domains to Virtualmin.

As you can see, I have multiple virtual servers (domains) running on one instance of my Virtualmin server. This is a feature which is available in older versions though you should upgrade to the latest version for the other enhancements that one gets with updated software.

Virtualmin has a community of helpful, experienced and knowledgeable people. If you, @sherlockholmes, ask questions about how a certain goal can be achieved rather than attempt to run down Virtualmin due to your lack of progress caused by your own ignorance and inability to unlearn whatever it is that some other web hosting panel may have taught you, we will all get along better and make progress faster. For example, I had to spend time and energy in creating and sending you this screenshot to demonstrate how Virtualmin looks when it is configured to host multiple virtual servers - and I did this to refute your, well, absurd assertion that Virtualmin has a two domain limit.

My time and energy would have been much better spent in pointing out to you how to correctly configure nameservers in your Hostinger control panel and how to use Virtualmin -> Create Virtual Server to create domains and subdomains which can be hosted in potentially unlimited number on Virtualmin.

Shall we try again by creating a new topic, telling us what are the exact steps you have taken thus far on the legacy system which you appear to have inherited, and what is it that you wish to achieve immediately?


In my question, I didn’t mention anything about some IP problem or did I?
My question was regarding Virtual hosts & is now solved.

You should have ignored the warning because I didn’t even mention a word of it… my description is plain simple, in this page I had created a virtual host and now the button to create it is gone, later I found it somewhere else.

You are one toxic guy, no one forced you to come here and comment this crap, if you want to help people but at the same time remind them that you are helping them or they are stupid then don’t do it, it’s rude, read other people’s comments and learn some manners from them.

Stop telling people what to do, no one is going to come down to your expectations. It would be better if you ignored this post rather than wasting your ‘energy’.

But now that you have read this comment, don’t waste your energy, ignore it.

Go to Create Virtual Server and add Subserver…you will have your subdomain. Thats the listing page of ALL virtual servers you have pasted

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Thanks, that’s the solution.

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