Why doesn't my domain appear on the internet?

The hostname of my server is server1.pennypenguingames.com

I set up the domain pennypenguingames.com as a top-level virtual server.

When creating the virtual server I selected “Setup SSLwebsite too” in enabled features and in IP address and forwarding ->Network interface I selected Virtual with IP, added the server ip addres and checked the “Already active” box.

In BIND zone→pennypenguingames.com there are there are 11 name records, 9 pointing to the server ip address (@, www, ftp, ns1, ns2, m, webmail, admin, mail) and localhost pointing to and server1.pennypenguingames.com pointing to
There are 2 NS records, pennypenguingames.com pointing to ns1.pennypenguingames.com. and pennypenguingames.com pointing to ns2.pennypenguingames.com. .
There is 1 MX record pennypenguingames.com pointing to mail.pennypenguingames.com
And there is 1 TXT(spf) record pennypenguingames.com pointing to a text string.

All of the records were created by the system. I haven’t added, deleted or altered any of the records.

When I try to see these sites (http://pennypenguingames.com/ and https://pennypenguingames.com/) on the internet, I get the error page that Firefox can’t connect to the server pennypenguingames.com. In Chromium I get a similar result (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED)

A check of the domain at intodns.com (https://intodns.com/pennypenguingames.com) seems to be ok except something about MX records (see below) which I don’t understand but I don’t see how it could be relevant to this problem.

What do I need to do to get this site on the internet?

Your MX records that were reported by your nameservers are:

10 eforward2.registrar-servers.com (no glue)
15 eforward4.registrar-servers.com (no glue)
10 eforward1.registrar-servers.com (no glue)
10 eforward3.registrar-servers.com (no glue)
20 eforward5.registrar-servers.com (no glue)

[These are all the MX records that I found. If there are some non common MX records at your nameservers you should see them below. ]