Why disable "Logout" button?


Why the “Logout” button will be disabled when configuring usermin with proxy on “left.cgi”?

Is there any error will be caused and so disable such logout feature on usermin of virtualmin?


Are you also using Basic HTTP authentication rather than session authentication? This leads to a “Change User” button instead of a “Logout” button, because there’s no session to reset (and all that can be done is to popup a new auth window or serve a permission denied error).

I’m using usermin via proxy as the following link.

1.Make sure mod_proxy is installed on your Apache webserver.

2.Add a virtual host to your Apache configuration file like:

ServerName usermin.yourdomain.com
ProxyPass / http://localhost:20000/
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:20000/

There isn’t any “logout” & “change user” button.