Hello everyone.
I ask for a questions. I’ve seen that in the virtualmin scripts installer there’s WHMCS.
Does anyone experience with WHMCS? Is it a good for web hosting automation?
Thank you in advance for replies.

Yes, it works really well with a virtualmin server for web hosting provisioning. Been using it about 4 years now. Tons of options. Initial setup is tedious, manually adding all the options/products. But the only issue I had was signing up with a supported registrar. Make sure there is a module/addon for that registrar in WHMCS, and make sure all the options you require are supported. Some addons only support name registration, while others handle everything for the domain name. I rarely have to go to the actual registrar to correct issues. WHMCS has recommendations for registrars. Think ENOM has no up front minimum balance if signed up through whmcs site.

@scotwnw thank you for your suggestions!

Yup, WHMCS is the standard. Many of the medium to large sized hosting companies use it, and almost all the small ones.