WHMCS to Virtualmin automation

I have successfully installed Virtualmin onto a VM running CentOS. WHMCS is installed remotely on a different server, and I can’t get them to work together. While creating the Server in WHMCS, I selected to setup right after the order was places, however it doesn’t. When I go into the clients profile and select the order manually, and click “Create” under “Module Commands” I get “Module Command Error :: Curl Error: 7 - couldn’t connect to host”

That’s with domain.com:1000 as the host name under “Edit Server” in WHMCS, when I change it to just domain.com I get

Module Command Error

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


You would need to have it connect to Virtualmin – though that’s actually on port 10000, rather than 1000. I’m not sure if that was just a typo in your post, or whether that’s the cause of the problem you’re seeing :slight_smile:

However, that’s going to be the key – your WHMCS server will need to be able to connect to port 10000 on your Virtualmin server. You could try testing that with telnet, just to make sure it’s working as expected.